About company

International company Orangepay provides processing services for electronic payments in internet-acquiring industry. We are regulated by Czech National Bank and comply with norms of financial operations. The purposes of the payment system are effective electronic payments and increase of profits for your business.

We provide an easy, fast and safe financial tool for your business. Orangepay has a vast experience in providing processing services and is operating all around the world. We have offices in 6 countries, with the number of large business clients using our system going beyond 150.

Why Orangepay?

Our liability for provided services

Filtration of fraud payments is designed in way, where you can choose a specific value for analysis and turn off the system when your are 100% sure of transaction success rate. This system supports individual requirements for different levels and types of businesses. It complies with PCI DSS Level 1 standards and allows to adjust 3‑D Secure to a specific options.

Broad coverage

Region of processing services of electronic payments is EEA as well as islands and “offshore zones”. This allows our clients to use our services from all around the world.

High level of security

In e-payment industry, security and safety of financial operations play an important role. Orangepay has an Anti-Fraud Service that provides top level of security. In addition, our company complies with PCI DSS standards and has a license for making financial operations with VISA/MasterCard, payment methods.

Innovative payment solutions

Solutions provided by the payment system are innovative and combine in itself relevance and flexibility. Our services are constantly updated and improved, to correspond and follow the latest trends of the financial world.

Steps to start business with Orangepay

Analysis of idea, requirements and expected results.

Among constantly growing numbers of already existing businesses, a specific solution, that will make your project competitive on the market and attract clients must be found. This is why our services include analysis of your application and assistance in what steps to take to grow your business.

Company Registration and obtaining a license

For official business and legal provision of services, you must have a registed company and also have a licence to carry out payment operations. Orangepay, has a solution for that as well, so you do not have to worry about licensing process and paperwork.

Contract signing and assistance

After all the paperwork is done, contract is signed with the terms, created according to your preferences and desires. You will also get access to business promotion tools, and recommendations for successful sales that can be used for any type business.


IT-services, providing services for SEO-maintenance, web-site development and other types of work that needs payment methods.

With Orangepay processing services your profit will only grow, due to easily integrated payment form and broad choice of functions that are available to the users of payment service


Orangepay payment methods are usually used by e-commerce clients, since conversion of payments is at the high level due to our innovative analytics tool, high speed and transaction success rate.

Clients are satisfied by the payment form and its easy use. They are not leaving their orders because of its complexity or some sort of difficulties. However, if there is a need, e-commerce owner can modify the payment form.

Entertainment and other services

Processing services are trending now and are constantly improving, with our payment system, your clients will open new perspectives and will be able to make their payments instantly, buying products and services fast and safe.

After the payment, funds are transferred to your account without any hidden commissions.

Social Networks

Social Networks and social games usually require multifunctional payment solution that will correspond to data protection norms and security requirements, which are the distinctive features of Orangepay payment system. Payment solutions can also be modified to correspond to the needs and specific requirements of the client.