Statistics and business-analysis

Orangepay payment system dashboard allows its Clients to use statistics and analytics service. With this service, it is possible to track the success rate of transactions, monitor success rate of payments and their sources and also make a separate analysis based on the following: countries, sales, qualitative and quantitative values.

The following statistics will help you to find the most optimal solution for your business, reduce idleness and increase profits, thanks to the special tools that can be used for free.

What statistics are available?

Amounts, currency, time range, payment methods, geographical coverage and other

Statistics on transaction amounts, commissions that were deducted from the client and interest rate that is established individually.


Our Payment system support multiple currencies and therefore provides statistics for used currencies. This way you can track which currency is the most used in your shop

Payment methods

For some business solutions it is important to know what kind of payment methods were used. Our payment system gives you an opportunity to analyze transactions and their success rate in different payment methods.

Time Period

It is also possible to set up a time analysis from one minute up to a year. The system can distinct active and “dead” zones in a day, and also highlight the most profitable month and specific time periods when the biggest/smallest amounts were earned.

Geographical coverage

Internet-payments can be made from any geographical location, however in order to improve service it is also possible to see regional location of your clients.