Payments protection
Laser beam

Reliable tool for fraud prevention.

System for risk management and fraud prevention is integrated into processing of the payment system. It automatically monitors and analyses transactions in real time. It studies potential risks and significantly increases user protection, due to machine learning and combination of algorithms.

Fraud prevention can be used by any business, all card transactions are secured and have highest transaction success rate, that is achieved by self-learning anti-fraud security system. This system can be adjusted for clients needs which makes it flexible, increases conversion of electronic payments and fitting for any type of business.

Orangepay payment system, works in a way that you will not be charge with extra, hidden commissions and will not be affected by fraudulent transactions ,on the contrary you will boost your statistics and conversion.

Increase in profits

Transaction success rate and conversion of successful transactions depends on security module and its effectiveness. Thanks to unique antifraud system that is based on machine-learning and algorithms, that analyze transactions in real time, your profits will only grow due to lack of fraudulent transactions.

Maximum security

By using payment system you must be aware of many factors of conducting financial operations, that is why our tracking and monitoring of fraudulent transactions will provide maximum security of funds. Anti-fraud service allows to block the specific transactions, with no effect on other payments, therefore it protects the business and keeps perpetrators away.

Flexible service terms

Filtration of fraudulent transactions is created in a way, where you can enter the criteria, that will be analyzed and turn off the system when you are 100% of transaction success rate, system support individual criteria for different level of business, this system also complies with PCI DSS Level 1 and allows to set up 3‑D Secure with certain criteria.

Tasks performed by laser beam

Under the aegis of laser beam, your transactions will be secured and will not be exposed to any type of fraud.

Segregation of payments

With an anti-fraud system and other methods used for security, segregation of payments is used as an alternative method. It is highlighting among analyzed transactions, plain transactions. Therefore, conversion is not decreasing, and profits are going up, since you are avoiding extra charges caused by fraudulent transactions.

Detecting fraudulent operations

Laser beam was developed for fast and accurate detection and prevention of fraudulent operations and provision of the highest level of security and safety to its users. With the help of machine learning, this service becomes more experienced with each transaction and blocks every fraudulent attempt.

Identity check with 3‑D Secure technology

3‑D Secure technology, used in the payment system, allows to identify owner of the card at the moment of transaction. This technology reduces the risks of fraudulent transactions and maintains high level of security.

Payment system is created in a flexible way, where technology can adjust to requirements and types of businesses, this also applies to 3‑D Secure.