Payment gateway

Multi-purpose payment system

Payment acceptance, tools for statistics and analytics of your business, full adjustment of displayed data, option to monitor and control transaction success rate.

Core of the payment system, satisfies the needs of any type of business at any level for every role. Payment service solves problems with newly developed instruments that are used for executing payments, processing operations and client service.


Tools of the payment system are multifunctional and therefore can be used for realizing full potential of your business, by using our methods of analysis and analytics, adjusted by multiple settings and statistics.

  • Access to statistics
  • Analysis of transaction success rate
  • Analysis of geo-targeting depths

This role model has the utmost access. It supports full functionality of the system and gives privilege to use all available tools.

  • Access to all tools
  • Access to statistics
  • Payment methods management
  • Commissions and limits
  • Role management

Manager role, implies control over transactions and sales, data that will be available to the can be filtered and set in a particular way.

  • Access to status of transactions
  • Counties and map filters
  • Export of payment operation list

Main features of payment system

Multifunctional services and tools to solve any situation

Payment system Orangepay has many distinctive features, it simplifies the way business is operated and increases profits. It is optimized for users and therefore is easy to use.


Users of Orangepay payment system are presented with a wild chose of instruments that can be used for flexible set up of your Back office. Clients receive an ultimate tool to top their business potential and use different roles during processing of electronic payments.

Payment acceptance

Payment service supports acceptance of electronic payments, this function responds to the financial side of the business. It allows to make required transactions at desired platform as well as receive invoices for payments with required information.

The payment form can be adjusted in the specific way that will fit you. System supports multicurrency, different types of payments, 24/7 support and it can be accessed through mobile phone. It supports all of the main credit and debit Visa and MasterCard cards.

Thanks to integrated UI-components developers can create their own payment forms that will fit their brand.

  • Electronic payments acceptance
  • Invoice creation
  • Payment form adjustment
  • Multicurrency
  • 24/7 support
  • Wild range of payment methods
  • Mobile Friendly

Payment processing

  • Highest level of security
  • Unique anti-fraud system
  • Dispute resolution
  • Role Distribution

Our payment system has a unique level of security. These unique methods will exclude any type of fraud. We also offer a Dispute resolution feature that will resolve reclamations in your favor. This includes analysis and dispute resolution, refunds and assistance in formulating a claim for trading platforms? Role separation according to system requirements and functions.

Unique anti-fraud system filters all of transactions in real time based on machine learning, combining different algorithms, that is why risk management is utmost effective and builds confidence in electronic payments. In addition, all of transactions are made with 3‑D Secure method which increases level of protection from fraudulent payments.


  • Support of financial department
  • Timely payouts and reports
  • Financial reports
  • Consolidated reports

Unified financial reports allow effectively analyze transactions and simplify financial management of income/expenses, in addition with API system it is possible to create your own reports, some of them are generated automatically, integrated reporting for example a monthly is also an adjustable option.

The following options are available to financial department, that is monitoring timely payout and filing of reports.

You can use functions of the payment system to study payment data, refund data and commissions, all of reports are available for CSV export.

Flexible project adjustment

Interface of payment system is created according to the latest design trends, user interface and user experience. Dashboard which is used by the users of the payment system and supports all of the necessary for the end user methods of access.

It is also possible to adjust a certain functionality. Developers can use detail documentation that demonstrates flexibility and easy integration with an existing application program interface..

  • Modern user interface
  • Support of mobile devices
  • Delegation of rights
  • API and available libraries
  • Adjustment API methods