Registration of companies

We open companies at The Dominican Republic, Panama, Belize, Seychelles and others.

Offshore companies

Key advantages

  • Tax-free jurisdiction.
  • No difficult company support procedure.
  • No annual reporting.
  • The Register of companies – closed.
  • Name of the beneficial owner is not entered in the Register of companies.
  • Data on the beneficial owner is confidential, available to the registrar only.
  • Low price of the company allows the small business to acquire the offshore.
  • A variety of offshore areas are excluded from the OECD и FATF "black lists".

Scottish partnership

No taxes in Great Britain under condition that the partnership does not trade in Great Britain and the partners are not residents of Great Britain. The partners pay taxes in the jurisdictions where they are located. Internationally recognized jurisdiction with excellent reputation.


Possibility to establish Canadian partnership comprising of one individual or legal entity who in such case is both a general and limited partner. - No requirements for the size of share capital. - No tax on profits received outside Canada, and no income tax. All profit received by the Canadian partnership is divided between partners who are responsible for it in the countries of their jurisdiction.


Offshore in Panama is excluded from the OECD and FATF "black lists" providing the excellent option for incorporation of the offshore in Panama.

British Virgin Islands

The government of the British Virgin Islands obtained the exclusion from the OECD and FATF „black lists” that significantly simplifies the opening of bank accounts and the performing of operations of the offshore in BVI.


Seychelles – independent republic due to this fact the legislation more stable than in other offshore jurisdictions (colonies or dependent territories).


Company names can be written not only with Latin characters but also in Cyrillic and other characters. Suitable for financial and Forex companies.